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T he TMCC Foundation was formed in 1982 to provide the College with an avenue to pursue private philanthropic support for TMCC students and programs. The Foundation partners with the College to bridge the gap between public funding and College need, as determined by TMCC's leadership and the College's Strategic Master Plan.

Philanthropic support from donors at all levels is vital for fueling student success at TMCC. The Foundation receives donations from individuals, including alumni, community members, and current and former TMCC faculty and staff. Corporations and private Foundations are also important sources of revenue for the Foundation.

TMCC RDMT Building


The first scholarship was awarded from the Foundation in 1990. Over the past 30 years, the Foundation has awarded more than $8 million dollars in scholarships to TMCC students from private donors. In the 1990's, an endowment campaign resulted in what is now an $12 million dollar endowment that provides annual interest in support of scholarships, programs and areas of greatest need.

A top priority for the Foundation is raising funds for student scholarships. The minimum amount of a scholarship is $500 with the average award now $1,200. A scholarship often allows many of our students to enroll in courses who otherwise could not due to financial concerns. Donors may choose to provide an annual scholarship or set up an endowment that can be named for the donor with a minimum $5,000 gift that will provide interest in support of scholarships in perpetuity.

TMCC 1971 Society

1971 Society

In honor of TMCC's founding, the 1971 Society was created as a leadership giving initiative for members who provide annual financial support. Funding is earmarked for programs, scholarships and areas of greatest need that arise throughout the year. In 2020, funding was directed to the student emergency fund to assist students during the pandemic.

Members are invited to special events throughout the year and receive special recognition.

Private Support

The TMCC Foundation has been instrumental in obtaining private support for the naming of programs and buildings, including:

  • The William N. Pennington Health Science Center
  • The William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center
  • The IGT Manufacturing Hub in the William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center
  • The Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program
  • The Frank N. Bender Center for Applied Logistics Management
  • The Joseph P. Ayarbe Gymnasium in the new Sports and Fitness Center
  • The Dr. Maria Sheehan Strength and Conditioning Room in the new Sports and Fitness Center

Donors Support Renovations

The TMCC Foundation has received donor support making the following renovations possible:

  • Dental Expansion to include space for the Adopt a Vet Dental (AAVD) Program to operate. AAVD provides free dental care to qualified veterans in our community
  • Relocation of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program from the Dandini Campus to the Meadowood Center, allowing for the expansion of the CNA program and freeing up space for the expansion of the Dental Programs
  • Relocation of the Veterinary Nursing Program from the William N. Pennington Health Science Center to the Meadwood Center allowing for the expansion of the Vet Nursing program and the future addition of a Veterinarian Assistant Program
TMCC William N. Pennington Health Science Center

Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

TMCC and the Foundation are proud to support veteran students. The VRC was established in 2014 and thanks to the generosity of the Nevada Military Support Alliance (NMSA), in 2016, the VRC was able to move into a space four times as large in the same building and expand its programming.

Donor support has provided much needed emergency funding and scholarship support for veteran students. S.E.E.4Vets and the NMSA provided emergency funds during the pandemic and have been supportive of veteran students for many years. There are more than 650 veterans who attend TMCC annually.

For more information on how you can support TMCC and our students, please contact TMCC's Foundation.

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The TMCC Foundation supports student success and academic excellence.

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