TMCC EPIC Spring 2023 Course Guide

EPIC (Educational Programs Inspiring the Community) 2 Computers & Software Computer Graphics $159 If you own a MacBook, use built-in apps to create functional art for your small business: posters, fliers, holiday and birthday cards, wrapping paper, placemats and a 12-month calendar. Learn to take great iPhone pictures that you can add to your designs. Finalize your work on a home printer or send your files to a local print and copy store. Your MacBook has it all and can do muchmore than you realize. Bring your MacBook to class. 2/2-2/16 TH 1–3 p.m. 200 TMCCMeadowood Center Foldvary-Anderson Excel,AnIntroduction $129 Streamline your work by embracing the power of this Microsoft Office suite spreadsheet software. Gain an introduction to the basics, including navigation, charts, tables and IF-statements. Become comfortable using basic formulas including sums, averages, maximums, minimums and counts. Find out how to sort and filter, work with large spreadsheets, use pivot tables and charts and find things quickly with VLOOKUP. Explore the financial function, PMT, to figure out loan payments. 2/14 -2/23 T, TH 6 - 9 p.m. 322 TMCCMeadowood Center Lenga CloudComputing $59 Learn about this fast, secure and efficient technology and how to use it in everyday life. Cloud lets you access information and apps online instead of through your computer hard drive or servers. Become knowledgeable about various options for advanced security and data loss prevention and potential problems with Cloud computing. 2/17-2/24 F 10 a.m. to Noon 322 TMCCMeadowood Center Lenga QuickBooks $199 Streamline your accounting procedures andmake your workday easier andmore productive. Gain tips on setting up your company’s financial information and how to enter the data. Using the online QuickBooks platform, create invoices and billing statements, pay bills and learn about other accounts payable features. Receive a detailed handout with step-bystep instructions to help you retain the skills you’ve learned. 3/7-3/16 T, TH 5 - 9 p.m. 322 TMCCMeadowood Center Lenga Computer Confidence $99 Increase your comfort using a computer while gaining valuable skills in a fun environment. Learn the latest technology, create a document and conduct internet searches. Create an email account, write an email andwork with attachments. Enjoy friendly, step-by-step lessons that will open professional and personal doors for you. Materials fee: $5 4/8 S 8:30 a.m. –5 p.m. 123 TMCCMeadowood Center Chang Professional Development Fulfillment: TheAntidoteto Burnout $59 Fulfillment is a state of being, not a state of doing. Instead of driving ourselves harder and harder, we need to care enough about ourselves to set the boundaries that will keep us fromoverextending and burning out. This course will help you understand burnout and open your mind to what may be unfamiliar: living andworking in a way that encourages fulfillment— the antidote to burnout. 2/11, 4/8, or 5/13 S 10 a.m. to Noon 315 TMCCMeadowood Center JoDee Renae 3/11 S 10 a.m. to Noon 210 TMCCMeadowood Center JoDee Renae HowtoMake It in Voiceovers $59 Break into the voiceover industry and join talented artists like Tina Fey andMorgan Freeman. Get an introduction to the business from a radio personality and national voiceover talent for companies like Olay and Crest toothpaste. Learn how to turn voiceovers into a thriving full- or part-time career. 3/6 M 6:30–8:30 p.m. 104 TMCCMeadowood Center Foster Arts &Crafts Sewing $149 Savemoney and tailor your clothes to fit your unique tastes. Experience this versatile craft and gain inspiration from its limitless applications. Practice basics like inserting a zipper and following a pattern to do several fun in-class projects. Who knows, you could become the next big fashion designer or tailor. Supplies required. 2/1-3/22 W 6 - 9 p.m. 106 TMCCMeadowood Center Willoughby AcrylicPainting $109 Discover the playfulness of art by learning to paint with acrylics. Experiment with color theory, composition and design. Use traditional and unconventional methods of applying paint to canvas and board, including various brushes, glazing and dry brushing techniques and painting with a palette knife. No previous painting skills are necessary. Materials fee: $25 2/3-3/24 F 9 a.m. to Noon 103 TMCCMeadowood Center Poulos Leonard Quilting $179 Create personal works of art through fabrics, shapes and color. Select your project designed for various skill levels and practice different techniques. Find out how to safely use a rotary cutter and learn about quilting tools, fabric selection, design, piecing, construction, applique, binding andmore. Take home a completed project at the end of this class. Supplies required. Materials fee: $30 2/4-3/18 S 9 a.m. - noon 103 TMCCMeadowood Center Willoughby ValentineClay Succulent Planter $69 Using just your fingers and simple tools, make a unique planter for your favorite succulent plant buddy that will hang on a wall or sit on your table. This fun and family-friendly class will teach you basic planter hand-building. You will fire your piece in the ceramic kiln and add flair with watercolors and stains. Materials fee: $50 2/4-2/11 S Noon - 3 p.m. 210 TMCCMeadowood Center Gandolfo ResinJewelry $59 Make stylish jewelry personalizedwith your favorite mementos. Learn the basics of traditional resin handling methods: mixing, pouring, adding pigments and inclusions and usingmolds. Discuss the chemical reactions in resin prep and how best to add your memorabilia to the layers. Practicemolding and demolding your pieces as you explore quick-curing and slow-curing resin work. Take home your molded bezel and openbacked pieces. Materials fee: $35 2/6-2/8 M,W 6 - 8 p.m. 321 TMCCMeadowood Center Jackson SilverWatercolor $99 Splash and play while learning the possibilities of this medium. Explore different approaches such as wet-ondry, wet-into-wet and layering. Discover fundamentals like color value, temperature, and compositional ideas and avoid common pitfalls. Choose a subject based on your skill level and proudly display your finished creation. Supplies required. 2/8-2/22 W 3 - 5 p.m. 210 TMCCMeadowood Center Gandolfo Watercolor Techniques $129 Explore the traditional and unconventional methods of this exciting and versatile artistic medium. Practice fundamental watercolor techniques and learn how to control the amount of water on your brush. Define your painting style and create artwork that makes you happy as you pursue your artistic goals. Supplies required. 2/8-2/22 W 6 - 8 p.m. 103 TMCCMeadowood Center Gandolfo