TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

13 Strategy Eighteen: Increase facultymentoring of students Rationale: Students benefit from faculty advisors and mentors. They provide advice for students who wish to pursue particular majors at four-year institutions. Faculty can also help lighten the load for our advising center that is currently understaffed. Staffing Resources Cost Lead 40 academic faculty who are willing to engage in advising and coaching students in their academic studies. Existing staff already advising outside of academic advisement counselors, DRC, CareerConnect and Re-Entry specialists mentoring to specific student populations: Success First, ReEntry, ASK, students with Disabilities Training for faculty advisors and nonacademic advisement advisors $2,000 (training costs) VPAA and Academic Advisement Strategy Nineteen: Promote 15 to Finish Rationale: Academic Advisement promotes 15 to Finish during new student orientations (both online and in-person), in printed materials like the guidebooks new students receive, and during one-on-one advisement appointments. Academic advisement will also be utilizing promotional materials like videos on the website and flyers as part of the joint effort between NACADA/Complete College America. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing staff Cost of student guidebooks, brochures, posters, flyers and student giveaways during orientation $13,000 Academic Advisement