2022 TMCC Annual Security Report

9 Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures TMCC’s emergency response and evacuation procedures are a collaborative effort between University Police Services and TMCC Environmental Health and Safety departments. University Police Services is a partner member of the Regional Emergency Operational Plan which includes all TMCC and NSHE properties. TMCC Environmental Health and Safety maintains and develops campus and building specific emergency evacuation plans for the College. University Police Services conducts training sessions, emergency exercises including tabletop exercises, field training exercises and tests the Omnilert system annually. In conjunction with Environmental Health & Safety, University Police Services evaluates emergency plans to assess the capabilities of the campus to respond to an emergency. Procedures for Testing Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures Truckee Meadows Community College participates in emergency tests and evacuation drills throughout the year and conducts follow-through activities to assess and evaluate emergency procedures. Drills are conducted to prepare building occupants for an evacuation in the case of an actual emergency. University Police Services coordinates announced and unannounced drills to test various procedural operations. Methods of dissemination may include, but are not limited to, electronic distribution through mass email, text messaging, posting of hard copies in public areas, posting on college and public safety web sites, voice mail recordings, campus monitors, reverse 911 and dissemination via local media outlets. University Police Services monitors these drills in order to evaluate the response and prepare an after action report with information on systems that worked as assigned, systems that encountered problems and recommendations for improvement. Environmental Health & Safety conducts fire drills so that students, staff, and faculty can learn the locations of the emergency exits and fire evacuation procedures and identify the safe exits out of each building. EH&S monitors the drills in order to evaluate and assess the evacuation plans.